The Association

Hranjenje ovc


  • An important part of our association is to ensure the purity of the Jezersko-Solčava sheep breed. We offer farmers of this breed rams that are tested within a controlled organic stud farm.
  • Our test station in Jezersko is included in the National breeding program in cooperation with the University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical Faculty – Department of Sheep breeding, and also with the University of Ljubljana, Veterinary Faculty.
  • We attend to continued education of farmers: The association organizes professional training in health, nutrition and breeding of sheep.


  • Each year we organize a study excursion both at home and abroad; in neighboring countries, in order to get to know other practices associated with sheep breeding.
  • The Kovk Test Station and The Association of sheep-breeders jointly organize an auction of breeding rams, once a year, every October.
  • We also organize exhibit and assessment shows of our breed of sheep, open to all local sheep farmers. There are prizes and medals for the healthiest and best looking animals. The participants and audience at such expert meetings have grown with each year.

The Association offers / rents:

  • A large events tent size 10 x 15 m
  • A mobile caravan with sales counter.
  • Three car trailers for transporting sheep, located at Jezersko, Solcava and Trzic. Find information here.