The Jezersko – Solčava Sheep Breed

We are proud of our autochthonous Slovene Jezersko-Solčava sheep breed.

In the past, alpine sheep breeding was very well organized in the regions of Jezersko and Solčava and used to be the preoccupation of the majority of the population. Today, we seek the preservation of their superior traits by breeding high quality brood-rams. These traits are:

  • All year round fertility – ewes with great mothering instinct
  • Vitality and adaption to our environment – vigorous stature and strong long legs enables them to easily overcome the steepness of the mountainous pastures
  • Succulent low-fat lamb meat – grass-fed animals are the way to go today
  • Quality wool – they are sheared in spring and autumn, yielding about 5 kg of wool a year.

Our sheep is beautiful; the majority of them are white, some come in dark brown. They are characteristic for their »spectacles« or »tear-drops« around their eyes. The Jezersko-Solčava sheep breed is part of the Slovenian natural and cultural heritage. We are glad to be able to  protect and preserve it.


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