Wool Festival BICKA and 4th. Sheep Exhibition and Auction by DROJSP in Solčava

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on Saturday, September 14th and on Sunday, September 22, 2019 we heartily invite you to the Wool Festival of our Jezersko-Solčava breed od sheep in Solčava.

The festival, with visible success, is increasingly a celebration of the rich variety of produce and products from our sheep for the benefit of man.

The event is co-organized in cooperation with the Wool Felting Society of Solčava, BICKA and the Municipality of Solčava.

Beasts are not invited – check up the current situation for farmers and the unsolicited forced beast help (Help!) from lobbies europewide, also in Slovenia.

The program and invitation are available here:


If you are interested in becoming a shepherd or a sheep breeder, we recommend viewing the exhibition of the indiginous breed of sheep from our mountainous area. We will be displaying how to care for sheep and the shearing of wool. You can buy breeding animals from local breeders at the well organized auction. There will be many opportunities to get in touch with our breeders, get to know the families of Slovenian mountain farms and share experiences and knowledge about farming.

Members of our Society and breeders are invited to participate in the exhibition and auction of breeding animals, and to promote the event orally and otherwise creatively.

For further questions please do not hesitate to contact me at + 386 / 31 401 140.

Kindly invited,

Janez Smrtnik, President of the Sheep Breeders Society for the Jezersko-Solčava Sheep Breed